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Apex Centre

  1. Apex Centre Comments & Suggestions

    Let us know how we can best serve you by filling out the form below.

  2. Instructor Application

    The Apex Centre is always searching for passionate instructors to offer classes and programs. If you are interested in leading the... More…

  3. Request a Member Fitness Assessment, Equipment Orientation, or Personal Training Interest at Apex Centre

    Use this form if you are a member of the Apex Centre and want to schedule an equipment orientation, fitness assessment or find a... More…

  1. Apex Centre Employee Comments & Suggestions
  2. Request a Member Equipment Orientation at Apex Centre

    Use this form if you are a member of the Apex Centre and want to schedule an equipment orientation.

  3. Success Stories

    Use this form to share your Apex Centre success story.

Arts Commission

  1. Final Grant Report

    Use this form for your final report if your organization has received a grant from the McKinney Arts Commission.

City Manager

  1. Public Feedback Form

    Provide comments, ideas, and express concerns directly to the City Manager's Office through this form. If you want feedback relating to... More…

City Secretary

  1. Blue Star Flag Application

    Use this form to submit a Blue Star Flag Application. The City Secretary's Office will respond to your submission.

Code Services

  1. Code Violation Report
  1. Mosquito Control Request

    Use this form to request a test in your area or decline to have your area sprayed.

Emergency Management

  1. Emergency Management Presentation Request

    Use this form to request a presentation by McKinney's Office of Emergency Management

Environmental Education

  1. Environmental Education Program Request

    Request a program from the Environmental Education Department

  2. Monarch Pledge Suggestions
  1. Garden to Table Webinar - October 18, 2022

    Sign up today to attend our Zero Waste Cooking webinar on Zoom.

Fire Department

  1. Annual Fire & Life Safety Self-Evaluation - Commercial
  2. Fire Code Violation Report

    Complete this form to submit a Fire Code or Life Safety violation report to the Fire Marshal.

  3. Life Safety & Community Education Program Request
  4. Public Appearance / Community Outreach Request

    Request a fire station tour or a fire apparatus visit to your location

  1. Business Fire Self-Evaluation Verification Request

    This form will be submitted by a business to confirm they are eligible for the self-evaluation program and initiate their... More…

  2. Home Fire Safety Self-Evaluation
  3. Notify Me of Entry-Level or Lateral Firefighter Exam Date

    Sign up to be notified when an Entry-Level or Lateral Firefighter Exam date is available.

Historic Preservation

  1. Preserve Historic McKinney - Home Recognition Program

    Nominate a historic home for recognition in the annual calendar!


  1. Book Talk Questions

    See what authors are up to behind the scenes, find your next favorite book, collect some writing advice and more! Ask your... More…

  2. Library Feedback

    Let us know about your experience

  3. Obituary and Article Requests

    Use this form to request obituaries and articles from the McKinney Public Library.

  4. VolunTeens

    Need services hours for school? Help us make a contribution to the community by typing three full page letters to someone in a nursing... More…

  1. Classes

    Sends a request for more information about upcoming classes to class coordinators.

  2. Meeting Room Requests

    Sends patron queries abut meeting rooms to Alicia Quiroz with copy to Lisa Bailey at JJGL

  3. Offer a Program at the Library

    Use this form to propose a program for presentation at the McKinney Public Libraries.

  4. Volunteer Queries

    Sends patron queries to staff who work with volunteers

Municipal Court

  1. McKinney Municipal Court Satisfaction Survey
  1. Request Dismissal of an Eligible Case

    This submission is a request only. Once received, a court staff member will reach out to you.


  1. Facility Reservation Inquiry

    Use this form to request a reservation at a Parks facility.

  1. Report a Parks Maintenance Issue

    Use this form to report a an issue in any of McKinney's parks.


  1. Extra Patrol Request

    Use this form to request additional police attention for a location or situation.

  2. Traffic Enforcement Request

    Use this form to bring a traffic issue to the attention of the McKinney Police Department

  1. National Night Out Block Party Registration 2022

    Use this form to register your Block Party for National Night Out.

Public Works

  1. Annual ET Controller Reregistration

    Use this form for your yearly ET Controller reregistration.

  2. Public Works Service Request

    Report a problem with anything the city maintains related to streets, traffic lights, traffic signs, and water.

  1. City of McKinney Watering Exemption Request Form
  2. Report a Water Use Violation

    Use this form to report a water use violation.

Solid Waste Services

  1. E-Waste Pick-up

    Use this form to request an E-Waste Pick-up.

  2. Request Bulky Item Collection

    Use this form to request Bulky Item Collection

  1. Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) Pick-up

    Use this form to request an HHW Pick-up.

  2. Trash/Recycle Container Order Form

    Use this form to request the repair of damaged trash or recycling containers, request an additional container or request the removal of... More…

Special Events and Filming

  1. Film Permit Application
  2. Special Event Reviewer Response Form
  1. Special Event Permit Application

    Use this form if you want to apply to hold a special event in McKinney.

Utility Billing

  1. Construction Meter Application
  2. Leak Adjustment Form

    The City of McKinney offers a credit as a courtesy to our customers who qualify. Water loss due to theft, vandalism or negligence is... More…

  1. Construction Meter Relocation / Pickup