What impact will this project have on downtown?

Downtown McKinney, recently recognized as a cultural district, attracts citizens and visitors for shopping, dining and arts through a variety of independently-owned shops and restaurants, events, and through strong support and preservation of the historic features that influence economic vitality. These infrastructure improvements ensure that it remains a vibrant, walkable, and unique destination for locals and visitors alike.

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1. What changes are being proposed along Louisiana Street?
2. What are the primary city priorities the project will address?
3. Why were these improvements not made in 2014 with the previous work completed along Virginia Street and Kentucky Street?
4. Does the city have funding to complete this project?
5. When is construction expected to begin and how long will it take?
6. How will the city ensure that impacts to the operation of my business are minimized during construction?
7. What impact will this project have on downtown?
8. How can I stay informed on the development of the project prior to construction?