Why can’t I see my permit in CSS?

To view your permit, you must be a contact listed on the permit and have an active CSS account.

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1. When I'm trying to apply in CSS, it says the address was not located.
2. Why can’t I see my permit in CSS?
3. How do I see the reason my inspection failed in CSS?
4. I can’t call or schedule my inspection in CSS; it says the permit is not attached or can’t process due to business prerequisites.
5. I can’t see the invoice to pay it in CSS.
6. I can see I have a fee to pay, but the system won’t let me add it to my cart.
7. How do I upload a document / revision after I have submitted my application?
8. The foundation repair we completed is final. How do I close out my permit?
9. How do I get my subcontractors registered to work in the City of McKinney in CSS?