Why is a Certificate of Appropriateness needed?
A Certificate of Appropriateness (COA) assures that your historic landmark property maintains its historic integrity. The qualities that make your property either architecturally or historically notable can only be maintained or enhanced when alterations are made according to universally accepted historic preservation practices.

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1. What is a Certificate of Appropriateness?
2. Is there a fee for a Certificate of Appropriateness?
3. Why is a Certificate of Appropriateness needed?
4. When Is a Certificate of Appropriateness needed?
5. How do I obtain a Certificate of Appropriateness?
6. What needs to be included when submitting a Certificate of Appropriateness?
7. What happens to my application after it is submitted?
8. May I paint my house any color I want?
9. Do I need permission to perform ordinary maintenance?
10. Does every change to my property require a Certificate of Appropriateness?
11. May I put an addition on my historic property?
12. Where can I receive help designing an addition for my house?
13. If I have more questions, whom should I talk to?