Airport Development

Development of McKinney National Airport

TowerToppingWeb2.jpgRealizing City Council's Goals

The City of McKinney realizes the important contributions made by general aviation / business aviation in the nation, state and region. The city also realizes the potential for scheduled passenger service at McKinney National Airport. This Strategic Plan is designed to address the City Council’s goal to maximize the development potential of McKinney National Airport using McKinney National Airport strategies.

Council Direction

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Mission Statement

McKinney National Airport is a premier general aviation reliever airport providing best-in-business-class aeronautical services, amenities and customer service to attract and retain aeronautical businesses and general aviation aircraft. 


McKinney National Airport is an air transportation center and economic engine for the North Dallas region, facilitating general and business aviation as well as educational and recreational services supported by an aggressive marketing program, nationally recognized, award-winning aeronautical services and modern and efficient infrastructure and facility development. 

 Strategic Direction & Goals 

Over the next ten years, the city shall maximize the development potential of McKinney National Airport by implementing the strategies presented below in this strategic plan, which were designed by the City Council to enhance the functional and economic value of the airport and the city.

  • Strategy 1: Support a strong economy
  • Strategy 2: Use metrics when making decisions
  • Strategy 3: Land Partnerships
  • Strategy 4: Regulatory
  • Strategy 5: Develop Aeronautical Facilities
  • Strategy 6: Attract and Retain Business Aviation Departments
  • Strategy 7: National Recognition