Safety & Security

McKinney National Airport Safety & Security
McKinney National Airport has developed a security strategic plan to: manage access to the air operations area (AOA) and certain restricted areas on the airport, balance the operational needs of airport stakeholders, reduce the potential impact of known threats to general aviation and support the possibility of future commercial airline service at McKinney National Airport.
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The airport’s state-of-the-art and expandable perimeter access control system enables staff to manage access to the airfield through the use of proximity card readers at each airport-owned and -operated access-controlled pedestrian and vehicle gate.

A CCTV camera system has been implemented to monitor and record activity. The combined use of individual access cards and CCTV allows the identification of most personnel who enter the airport through an airport-owned gate.

Approximately 714 acres of airport property, called the AOA, are surrounded by a 6-foot chain-linked fence with 1-foot of barbed wire topping, which meets federal security standards.

AOPA’s Airport Watch Program was adopted in 2004.