Erwin Park

About the Park

Location - 4300 CR 1006

  • 212 acres
  • 3 picnic pavilions, one with electricity - Pecan Grove Shelter
  • 2 restroom facilities
  • 12 Designated campfire sites, 3 next to pavilions
  • Natural wooded areas
  • 10 miles of mountain bike trails*
  • Progressive mountain bike skills course*
  • Playgrounds
  • Large expanses of open space
  • 2 Dero Bike Repair Stations for minor repairs. The stations include tools, a stand to hold the bike and an air pump.

*Maintained by Dallas Off-Road Bicycle Association

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Going Native

Erwin Park is carrying on the tradition of establishing itself as a prairie land restoration destination. Its natural beauty and mystique attracts guests from all around. Whether you go on a nature hike, reserve a camping spot, or ride the mountain bike skills course, you'll appreciate the view. 

Planting is ongoing; please respect the seedlings as they germinate to a full, mature plants.

The seed mix is known as the Blackland Prairie Mix which contains 45 species of wildflowers and grasses. Some of the more common plants are Little Bluestem, Buffalo grass, Blanket flowers, Black-eyed Susan, and Butterfly weed. Come enjoy the native plants and let them inspire you throughout the year!

Learn more about the Blackland Prairie ecological region from Texas Parks & Wildlife.

Pavilion and Camping Reservations

  • Pavilions can be reserved for Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Monday through Thursday is first come, first served.
  • Residents can reserve pavilions up to six months in advance for $42.50, non-residents may reserve up to three months in advance for $70.
  • Pavilion reservations are all day (3 to 12 p.m. the next day)
  • Campsite reservations are $12.50 for residents and $20 for non-residents.
  • To camp at campsites next to pavilions, you must reserve the pavilion as well (total of $42.50 for residents, $70 for non-residents), other campsites will be assigned to campers by number after a reservation has been made.
  • Facility reservation inquiries
  • Erwin park FAQ
  • For more information please call the Recreation Center at Towne Lake at 972-547-2690.