Water / Wastewater Service

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Water Source

The City of McKinney gets its treated water from the North Texas Municipal Water District (NTMWD). Once the treated water enters the McKinney water supply system, we perform and report all tests according to Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) requirements. We are proud to report a Superior rating.

TCEQ's Drinking Water Watch Website

NTMWD has water supply rights granted through permits by the State of Texas in five surface water sources. Currently, NTMWD supplies water to approximately 1.7 million people across 10 counties. The population within its service area is expected to more than double by 2070.

To continue meeting the treated drinking water needs of the service area through 2070, NTMWD identified several strategies and projects including conservation and the building of a new reservoir - Bois d'Arc Lake in Fannin County. A new reservoir cannot, by itself, meet the needs of the region over the next 50 years if the expected growth occurs.

Conservation is the most economical water supply strategy of other possible solutions and allows NTMWD to extend current water supplies without exhausting them.

View the 2017 Five-Year State Water Plan