Field Operations Bureau

The Field Operations Bureau (FOB) consists of the Patrol Division and specialized units, including Mounted Patrol, K-9, Bike Patrol, student resource officers and motorcycles. The FOB also includes the Communications Division, which takes emergency and non-emergency calls that come to the Police Department.

911 Communications Center

Our Communications Center is staffed by a dedicated group of professionals providing a wealth of knowledge gained by years of training and experience. Under the supervision of our Communications and Radio Systems Manager each of our public safety telecommunicators is cross-trained to receive emergency and non-emergency requests for service and to dispatch police, fire and medical personnel.

Each of our men and women are certified by the National Academy in Emergency Medical Dispatching (EMD), providing us with the knowledge and skill to guide callers through lifesaving techniques while emergency responders are en route.

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Patrol Division

The Patrol Division comprises officers responsible for patrol and traffic management-related functions. Patrol officers are the first responders for citizen requests for assistance and are motivated toward prevention and minimization of harm. Patrol encompasses many specialized units that help accomplish this mission. Email the Patrol Division


The K9 Unit provides support for patrol officers and detectives by searching for suspects, drugs and other property and evidence.

Motorcycle Patrol

The Motorcycle Patrol is responsible for traffic enforcement citywide.

Traffic Section

The Traffic Section provides the department with specialized traffic control capabilities, including commercial vehicle enforcement.

Honor Guard

The Honor Guard represents the McKinney Police Department, its officers and families at police funerals, parades and other ceremonial occasions. We assist all officers and their families during emotional duress from the loss or debilitating injury of their loved one.


The SWAT Team functions as a mobile, flexible force for special police problems that require a highly trained, specially equipped and disciplined unit. Special problems that may require a SWAT Team response include civil disturbances, surveillance, security details, fugitive apprehension, high-risk search warrants and special assignments from the Chief of Police.

Hostage Negotiations 

The Hostage Negotiations Team responds to incidents in which negotiation with an offender is needed for the safe release of hostages and for the resolution of an incident. These incidents may involve hostages, barricaded persons or suicidal persons. The primary goal in any incident is the unharmed release of all hostages. Where there are no hostages, and no other citizens or police are in jeopardy, our objective is to have the individual submit to law enforcement personnel without incident.