FD: Existing Business

Operational Permits - PDFs

The McKinney Fire Department requires the following operational permits. Complete and submit the appropriate permit application and additional documentation for your operation to the Fire Marshal’s Office. Each permit application must be accompanied by a $100 permit fee. Permits must be renewed annually. If your facility or business needs more than four permits, your maximum fee will still be $400.


Annual Self-Evaluation Program

This program allows a business owner to conduct their own fire-safety review, avoid business interruptions, and save money through an exemption of accessible fees for annual inspections. 

Your business may be eligible if:

  • Under 5,000 total square feet
  • Considered light-hazard / low-risk
  • Do NOT have a fire sprinkler, fire alarm, or kitchen hood suppression system
  • Do NOT require an annual operational permit

If you believe you are eligible for the self-evaluation program:

If you have received a verification code:

Continued Participation

In order to continue to participate and receive the benefits of the Business Self-Evaluation Programs you must:

  • Submit a request and conduct an evaluation annually
  • Correct all deficiencies found in your evaluations
  • Every third year must have a Fire Department on-site inspection.