Animal Services

Protecting Animals, People and Property

We do not address pest control.

Contact us during regular business hours at 972-547-7445. After hours, call 972-547-2800.

Animal Sheltering Services are provided by Collin County Animal Shelter.

 Animal Control Addresses

  • Rabies Control and other zoonotic diseases
  • Ownership limitation requirements
  • Vaccination requirements
  • Stray and / or abandoned animals
  • Neglected / abused animals
  • Enforcement of city, state and federal laws
  • Other animal-related issues, including wildlife and livestock

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Responsible Pet Ownership

The City of McKinney requires all pet owners to be responsible and follow city ordinances for the health and safety of residents and pets. Failure to follow the ordinances may result in a citation or pet impoundment.

Ordinance Requirements

  • Vaccinate - Dogs and cats over the age of 4 months must have a current rabies vaccination and have a valid rabies tag affixed to the collar.
  • Restrain your pet by leash or fence- All pets, including dogs and cats, must be confined to the owner’s property within an adequate fence. All pets must be on a leash no longer than six feet when in public places. Leaving an animal tethered or chained is an ordinance violation.

Be a Responsible Pet Owner

  • Scoop the poop - Cleaning up after your pets reduces odors, insects, transmission of diseases and keeps stormwater drains and local water systems free of pollutants.
  • Household pet limits - No residence is allowed more than four dogs and four cats over the age of 3 months.
  • Don’t leave pets in your vehicle - Pets cannot be left unattended in your vehicle for more than five

    minutes or ride in the bed of trucks or unenclosed vehicles unless they are in carriers.


  • Spay / neuter - Studies prove that spayed or neutered animals are less likely to roam, are calmer and healthier. Low-cost spay / neuter and vaccination services are offered at the Collin County Animal Shelter in conjunction with the Texas Coalition for Animal Protection.
  • ID your pet - Microchip or keep identification tags on pets to help return lost pets to their owners.


Native Texans - Born to be Wild

McKinney is known for its nature and various wildlife call the city home. From sociable squirrels to curious coyotes, we encounter animals in parks, backyards, roads and rooftops. After all, they're Texans, too!

Wildlife populations adapt their behavior to urban environments. Although these neighbors were born to be wild, with a little care, we can thrive together.

Living with our wildlife neighbors

If you find a wild animal in need, find a licensed rehabilitation specialist to assist at

What's our most asked question? I found a baby animal, now what? A baby's best chance for survival is with its mother so the usual answer is to leave the baby alone. Check out our flowchart for detailed options.

Help keep our Native Texans wild and away from you with just a few tips

  • Remove food sources
    • Bird feeders can attract more than birds. Squirrels and raccoons also love these treats.
    • Don't leave water or food for pets out overnight.
    • Plant gardens away from the house.
    • Secure your garbage, especially overnight.
  • Don't give wildlife a place to live
    • Trim overgrown plants (trees, bushes, grass & weeds)
    • Reduce clutter around your home
  • Fence your yard; make it harder for wild animals to get close to your home & pets
  • Keep an eye on pets, especially small ones that may be seen as prey
  • Make some noise before getting into your car & starting it. This may help to startle away any animals that may have curled up under the hood.

Coyote. Text: Neighbors take many forms - Native Texan