McKinney Street Name Lookup Utility Help

All address assignments within the City of McKinney are done by the GIS/IT department. Addressing especially residential subdivision addressing starts with the approval of street names. A group comprising of the GIS department, Police department, and Post office review and approve all street names. A list of proposed street names are submitted to the GIS department as part of the development review process. One of the first cardinal rules checked as a part of the approval process is conflicts with already established street names. The GIS department checks the proposed names against a master list of all street names in McKinney, both existing streets and proposed streets reserved for future subdivisions or developments. Any duplicate names compared against the master list will be outright rejected. To save developers and staff time, GIS has developed a Street Name Lookup utility. This is a searchable master list of all existing and proposed street names in the City of McKinney. This Lookup will allow developers, staff and any interested party to search through the list before they submit new street names for approval. This will significantly improve the efficiency of the street approval process.