Historical Timeline

McKinney National Airport Historical Timeline

2013Airport renamed McKinney National Airport.
McKinney takes ownership and manages Fixed Base Operation, naming it McKinney Air Center. 
2013City of McKinney purchases airport assets
2012New 7,002 ft. x 150 ft. runway with 450,000 lbs. weight-bearing capacity opens.
2011Completed new Air Traffic Control Tower. ALP Update begins.
2009Expanded fuel farm, new Taxilane G, security fencing, sewer relocation.
2008Runway and taxiway rehab.
2007New 24-unit privately owned hangar complex begins construction on south end of airport.
2006Flying Friendly Initiative launched to increase awareness about the airport and promote “good neighbor” flying techniques with pilots.
2005New Taxilane C constructed to improve access to existing hangar facilities and future hangar sites. Taxiway fillets widened to improve safety.
2004New Taxilane built to access 52 acres and new 4-acre corporate hangar facility built. Airport name changed to Collin County Regional Airport. A Part 150 Noise Study and Master Plan Update completed resulting in a $71 million Capital Improvement Program through 2012.
2003Fuel storage facility is constructed. 31-unit privately owned hangar complex completed (MHOA).
2002On-site U.S. Customs service provided for international flights.
2001Industrial Boulevard expanded. Two corporate aviation hangars added. Security enhancements added and flight input/output data equipment installed in the control tower.
2000McKinney Fire Station #4 is opened providing aircraft rescue firefighting (ARFF) services. Improvements made to runway/taxiway lighting systems, expansion of aircraft parking and construction of a new 3-acre hangar facility. TARDIS (Terminal Automated Radar Display and Information System) added in the control tower.
1999Airport recognized as “Reliever Airport of the Year” by TxDOT Aviation.
1996Air Traffic Control Tower opens.
1993Instrument Landing System (ILS) installed and runway lengthened to 7,001 ft.
1984Runway lengthened to 5,800 ft.
1980First Fixed Base Operator (FBO) opens at airport.
1979Airport officially opens as McKinney Municipal Airport.
1977Runway construction (4,000 ft) begins on 96 acres.
1912First aircraft takes flight in Collin County over McKinney Fairgrounds.