Historical Timeline

McKinney National Airport Historical Timeline

1912 - First aircraft takes flight in Collin County over McKinney Fairgrounds.

1977 - Runway construction (4,000 ft) begins on 96 acres.

1979 - Airport officially opens as McKinney Municipal Airport.

1980 - First Fixed Base Operator (FBO) opens at airport.

1984 - Runway lengthened to 5,800 ft.

1993 - Instrument Landing System (ILS) installed and runway lengthened to 7,001 ft.

1996 - Air Traffic Control Tower opens.

1999 - Airport recognized as “Reliever Airport of the Year” by TxDOT Aviation.

2000 - McKinney Fire Station #4 is opened providing aircraft rescue firefighting (ARFF) services. Improvements made to runway/taxiway lighting systems, expansion of aircraft parking and construction of a new 3-acre hangar facility. TARDIS (Terminal Automated Radar Display and Information System) added in the control tower.

2001 - Industrial Boulevard expanded. Two corporate aviation hangars added. Security enhancements added and flight input/output data equipment installed in the control tower.

2002 - On-site U.S. Customs service provided for international flights.

2003 - Fuel storage facility is constructed. 31-unit privately owned hangar complex completed

2004 - New Taxilane built to access 52 acres and new 4-acre corporate hangar facility built. Airport name changed to Collin County Regional Airport. A Part 150 Noise Study and Master Plan Update completed resulting in a $71 million Capital Improvement Program through 2012.

2005 - New Taxilane C constructed to improve access to existing hangar facilities and future hangar sites. Taxiway fillets widened to improve safety.

2006 - Flying Friendly Initiative launched to increase awareness about the airport and promote
“good neighbor” flying techniques with pilots.

2007 - New 24-unit privately owned hangar complex begins construction on south end of airport.

2008 - Runway and taxiway rehab.

2009 - Expanded fuel farm, new Taxilane G, security fencing, sewer relocation. 

2011 - Completed new Air Traffic Control Tower. ALP Update begins.

2012 - New 7,002 ft. x 150 ft. runway with 450,000 lbs. weight-bearing capacity opens.

2013 - City of McKinney purchases airport assets

2013 - McKinney takes ownership and manages Fixed Base Operation, naming it McKinney Air Center

2013 - Airport renamed McKinney National Airport