Master Plan

Master Plan Update 2016-17

The City of McKinney will conduct an Airport Master Plan Update (MPU) during FY 2016 and 17 because it is required to maintain an updated Airport Layout Plan (ALP) and property record on file with the Texas Department of Transportation, Division of Aviation and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). The ALP and property record are significant components of a Master Plan because they are created from data that is collected and analyzed during the master planning process. 

Coming Together to Plan for the Future
The MPU process is not only designed to plan for future airport expansion and development, it is also designed to bring city and county staff and elected officials, business community leaders and citizens together to plan for the future of air transportation in McKinney and Collin County.

The purpose of this update will be to respond to significant events that have had an impact on the operations of McKinney National Airport and McKinney Air Center. These impacts include: increased demand for hangars, aircraft and auto parking, an expanded general aviation passenger terminal operated by McKinney Air Center with rental car counters, scheduled passenger air charter ticket counters and an expanded U.S Customs office. We hope that the plan will also include plans for an attached restaurant (financed and operated by others). The significant drivers for change at McKinney National Airport include the following:
  • A business model supported by new city leadership.
  • Effect of the Wright Amendment on business aviation activity at McKinney National Airport, Love Field and Addison Airport.
  • Need to acquire land adjacent to the airport and realization that with the surge in the economy, adjacent land could sell to developers that might bring unwanted airport encroachment.
  • Effect of the city’s acquisition and operation of the (McKinney Air Center (FBO) and facilities.

Master Plan Process

The Master Plan process will bring people together to plan for the future of county-wide air transportation. The process will naturally promote the airport through media outlets and the airport website.