Completed Capital Improvement Projects

Completed Projects

McKinney National Airport (KTKI) is aggressively completing improvements and developing amenities to accommodate the needs of all aircraft in today's General Aviation fleet with a focus on supporting the needs of future commercial service activities.

The following improvements are part of a $71 million, ten year Capital Improvement Program:

  • FBO Acquisition
     On November 1, 2013, the city acquired the airport’s only Fixed Base Operation (FBO), which is the airport’s “gas station” and concierge. The acquisition included the purchase of 5 large box hangars, 93 T-hangars, a passenger terminal and office building and a 48-acre, 33-year land lease. The purpose of the acquisition was as follows:
    • Allow the airport to be as operationally self-sufficient as possible.
    • Allow the city to control airport and city economic development.
  • Replacement Runway 18/36 (November 2012) - A new runway, the largest single capital project in Texas Aviation history, was opened for operation in July 2012 and completed on November 28, 2012. The concrete runway measures 7,002 feet long and 150 feet wide. It has a designed weight-bearing capacity of 450,000 pounds double tandem, which can support normal operations by Boeing 767 aircraft and reduced operations by larger aircraft. The project involved an 18-month environmental assessment, the relocation of a state road, acquisition of approximately 160 acres, major stormwater and wildlife management improvements, relocation of an Automated Surface Observation System (ASOS) and a Category-I Instrument Landing System, edge lighting high-intensity upgrades, complete perimeter security fencing and construction of perimeter and service roads.
  • Replacement Airport Traffic Control Tower (February 2011) - Constructed and activated new tower, which was sized and located to accommodate the new replacement runway .
  • Taxilane B-5 (December 2008) - Prepared the airport's southwest 36-acre quadrant for build-to-suit aeronautical development.
  • Fuel Farm Expansion (December 2008) - Added six pads capable of supporting 25,000-gallon above-ground storage tanks within a secured secondary containment facility. With this improvement, the airport's total above ground storage is 237,000 gallons.
  • Perimeter Road Extension (December 2008) - Improved fuel farm access for aircraft fuel trucks and service vehicles. Provided a more direct route for public safety equipment from Fire Station #4 and connected the Collin County Hangar Owners Association hangars to the passenger terminal area.
  • Perimeter Access Management & Control System (December 2008) - Replaced outdated technology with an integrated network requiring airport issued-media for access, added controlled gates and enhanced surveillance of the airport's perimeter.
  • Collin County Hangar Owners Association (April 2008) - Added a 24-unit condominium-style hangar complex.
  • Wash Rack (December 2007) - Public wash facility for aircraft with a wingspan up to 60 feet managed by Cutter Aviation.
  • Taxiway & Runway Rehabilitation (November 2007) - Repaired damage to aging pavements, extended lifespan by 20 years and increased the weight-bearing capacity to a 150,000-pound Dual Wheel Load. Runway 17-35 was closed and rehabilitated in 31 calendar days.
  • Utilities - Expanded water and sewer services to the airport's southwest quadrant.
  • Taxilane B-3 (July 2005) - Provided access to eight hangar pad sites and approximately 70 acres of adjacent private land suitable for aviation development.
  • Taxiway a Fillet Widening (July 2005) - Enhanced turning radius for larger aircraft, such as the Gulfstream V and Bombardier Global Express, on the parallel and connector taxiways.
  • Taxilane B-4 (December 2004) - Provided access to private and corporate hangars and 52 acres of private land to be developed for aeronautical uses. Provided enhanced stormwater management