Operational Polices

Damaged Access Cards

Access cards can be damaged or broken during normal use and can be replaced at the airport administration office. A replacement card fee of $20 will apply. Damaged cards must be returned to airport when renewing or the lost card fee of $50 will apply.

Lost or Stolen Access Cards

Report a lost or stolen access card to airport administration within 24 hours at 972-562-4096. A $50 replacement card fee applies to all lost or stolen cards.

Intercom Access

Airport administration will not provide remote access to anyone via intercom at any gate. Please do not contact airport administration via intercom for access.

Compliance with Rules & Regulations

All applicants agree to comply with all airport rules and regulations prescribed in Chapter 30 of the City of McKinney Code of Ordinances

Other Provisions

Access cards are non-transferrable. Applicants accept responsibility for damages or injuries that result from the improper use of an airport-owned automated gate. Return an access card to the airport administration office within seven days after it is no longer needed.


Failure to comply with these provisions may result in a warning, fine, suspension and/or revocation of access privileges. Penalties for violations are outlined in Chapter 30 of the City of McKinney Code of Ordinances.