Access Card Program

Driving in the Air Operations Area
At McKinney National Airport, safety is our number one concern. We serve a diverse general aviation community with more than 200 based aircraft and numerous daily takeoffs and landings. To ensure safety for our entire population, we require that any person driving on the air operations area (AOA) be qualified and have an access card.

Airport incursions – an unauthorized presence on the runway – are a safety hazard that can be avoided. The information below explains how to apply for a card. Contact us if you have any questions.

For general information about driving in the air operations area, please watch the video above.

Access Card Program
The Access Card program is designed to provide airport tenants and customers with convenient access and enhance aviation safety.

Only persons who request the privilege of driving a vehicle onto the airfield through an airport-owned automated vehicle gate are required to apply for an access card. Those who do not operate a vehicle on the airfield do not need to apply for an access card.